Faresclick is a travel website which searches and compares the best offers on various flights, hotels and car rentals. We are absolutely free and never add booking fees. Also, we never use your cookies to increase prices.

What we do?

Faresclick is a globally free travel website which compares millions and billions of cheap flights, hotels and rental car deals.

We provide an overview of the travel options to the travellers without adding extra fees.

We do not sell hotel rooms, flights or car deals but we only show the latest and cheapest prices to you, so that you canchoose the best deal according to preference. With just one click, you will be redirected to the website chosen by you, to complete the booking.

We serve travellers all over the world and are known for unique services.

Our vision

We think everybody should travel the world. Our vision is to have a world where the differences created by us are inspirational and used for development. Our priority is to give courage so that everyone should stay curious and open-minded for a better and diversified world.

Let's open our world

We were founded a few years ago and today we are serving almost all the countries across the world. We are an independent subsidiary where all employees are passionate about their work. We feel proud of opening up the world together with the travellers all over the world.

To know about our purpose and services, feel free to mcontact us through our phone number and email address. Thedetails of contact are available in the Contact us section of ourwebsite.