How Do I Change My Flight on American Airlines App?

An individual flying with American Airlines soon can opt for the option of American Airlines change flight if they need to by using the American Airlines mobile application. The application can be downloaded from the application store on one's mobile. One would need an American Airlines AAdvantage account to use this application.

  • This is a general customer loyalty account, and one can quickly sign up for this account for free if they don't have one yet.
  • Once you have the application open, tap on the "View or Change reservations," and the application will display your upcoming flights.
  • Choose the flight you want to change to load its itinerary. Next, use the "change" option to make the relevant changes.
  • Select the new flight and confirm to save the changes. An email will let you know that the changes are successful.

What number do I call to change an American Airlines flight? 

If you need to call American airlines customer service for a flight change then, make sure to dial American airline's flight change phone number 800-433-7300.  Here you can discuss your concern about flight change and the official representative will change your flight as per your request.

Steps to Get American Airlines Flight Change Phone Number:

  • The American Airlines voice support contact number is given on the official website of American Airlines. 
  • To open the American Airlines customer support page, one can look for the "Contact American" option under the Help menu at the end of the American Airlines homepage. 
  • The option to fetch the phone number of American customer service is present on this page as "Call us." Use this option to load the contact details on your screen.

What is the American Airlines flight change policy?

American Airlines allows its commuters to change their confirmed bookings, following the guidelines strictly as stated in the American Airlines flight change policy.

  • Any flight reservation could be changed within 24 hours from booking without any flight change fees if the booking was made at least one week prior to the flight departure, regardless of the ticket type.
  • Flight change after 24 hours from the booking may invite change processing charges depending upon the flight class, destination and route.
  • Flight changes can not be made in the last 24 hours from departure.
  • If the new reservation is costlier than the previous one, the difference in the fare would have to be paid.
  • The commuters who have booked an American Basic Economy flight ticket are not eligible for a flight change.
  • To get their flight changed, one will have to contact the original vendor from where they brought the flight reservation. 
  • Those who bought the ticket directly from American Airlines or one of its directly affiliated vendors can contact American or use their online resources like the American Airlines website or mobile app to change their flight.

Is it possible to change an American Airlines flight? 

American Airlines allows its commuters to change their flight reservation until the last 24 hours from the flight. One can use the American Airlines website or the mobile application to change the flight. If these resources are inaccessible, one can call the American Airlines change flight phone number as mentioned on the American Airlines customer service webpage. However, changing a flight usually invites a change processing fee if the new flight reservation charges a lesser amount than the existing one. While in the case of booking a costlier ticket, one would have to pay the difference in fares.

Can I change my AA flight for free? 

  • One can have a free flight change 24 hours from the booking, irrespective of whether their ticket type is refundable or not. However, the booking must be made at least one week before the scheduled flight departure.

  • If the above conditions aren't met, one will have to pay a flight change fee if the new ticket is less costly than the existing one. 

  • But if one is going for a higher-priced flight reservation, then instead of paying through cash, one can use their stored Miles or any other travel credit to get the new flight reservation.

  • If your American Airlines flight has been delayed or canceled by the Airline, the flight can be changed for free without any charges.

Thus, those who are asking, "Can you switch American Airlines flight for free?" can employ the measures described above to change their American Airlines flight reservation.

How much does it cost to change a flight on American Airlines? 

The flight change fee is a variable amount that depends upon the flight fare type, destination, and route. One can expect an American Airlines flight change fee to be between USD 100 to USD 750. Domestic flights have lower change fees while changing international flights will involve a hefty amount to be paid.

Can you change to a basic economy flight American? ​​​​​​​

  • A Basic Economy ticket isn't eligible for a flight change. Though the basic economy flight booking is significantly lighter on the wallet, it's always a risky deal to get a basic economy flight seat if one was unsure from the beginning about their travel plans. 

  • Still, if one desires to have a flight change, they would have to be nimble on their toes to figure out the chances of them traveling with the said reservation within the initial 24 hours from booking this ticket. 

  • This is because one can make use of the 24-hour policy of American Airlines, where one can cancel a ticket and get a complete refund without paying any charges. 

  • Next, one can book a different reservation since the refund is sure to come. This process can help one overcome the flight change handicap of American Airlines' basic economy reservation.

What if American Airlines change my flight?

A flight delay or cancelation from the Airline isn't a good thing as people lose precious hours from their daily routines, that too just before traveling for a vacation, business trip, or any other important matter. In such cases, American Airlines usually tries to minimize the difficulty for their commuters, so they provide quick rebookings at the earliest. Still, one can opt-out of such rebookings by calling American Airlines to change flight customer service and asking the American agent to cancel the flight and get a full refund or to get a flight rebooked at a later date in place of traveling in the next few hours.