Can I Transfer My Hawaiian Airlines Ticket to Another Person?

No, Hawaiian Airlines can’t transfer your ticket to someone. However, it is not possible to transfer your ticket to someone else. In addition, the airlines can’t transfer your ticket to anyone. If you transfer it, you don’t get any refunding back. Because it is in opposition to the policy of Hawaiian Airlines. However, the non-transferrable ticket can’t be to anyone. So, it’s ok to follow the rules and regulations of Hawaiian airlines. 

How do I check my Hawaiian Airlines Miles? 

In addition, if you want to check the miles of Hawaiian Airlines, you must follow the steps:

  • Launch the web browser of the Hawaiian airlines
  • Under the homepage, go to the navigation tab and click on it.
  • Here, you will see the Hawaiian miles. Then, tap on the mileage statement.
  • If you want to get a printout of the airlines, press the button of the print icon and print your statement.

So, by these steps, you will easily check your Hawaiian airlines easily.

Hawaiian Miles Transfer Policy

However, here you will learn the procedure of how you can transfer your Hawaiian miles to another person. However, before transferring, you must make sure that the Hawaiian miles feel the policy is:

Transfer the miles free of cost:

  • For mileage transfer, there is no cost
  • There are no charges on the per mile
  • There are no limitations on transferring the number of miles.
  • Hawaiian Airlines’ debit card and primary credit cardholder will receive ten transactions in a calendar year.

Transfer the miles by paying money:

However, if someone doesn’t have a debit cardholder or credit cardholder, they must pay:

  • The per-mile transfer fee is 0.01$
  • There have some limitations on transferring the miles is 2000 at Hawaiian Airlines
  • There has a service charge, and that is $25.

How do I transfer my Hawaiian Miles to another person? 

Here you will see the steps of transferring the Hawaiian miles by the following instructions mentioned further here. So, by following the steps, you will easily transfer your Hawaiian miles to someone else. Therefore, you must follow it:

  • Login to the Hawaiian miles account from which you want to transfer miles.
  • Go on the list of Hawaiian miles.
  • Tap on the share miles column.
  • Enter the recipient’s last name under the share miles page on the screen.
  • Insert the account number of the recipient’s Hawaiian airlines.
  • Fill in the number of miles you want to share with another person.
  • Go through all the rules and regulations of the Hawaiian miles transfer policy.
  • Then, continue it.
  • However, after the completion of the transaction of miles, the airlines send you the confirmation mail to both the person and recipient.

Can someone else use my Hawaiian Miles? 

Yes, someone can use your Hawaiian Miles. However, when you transfer your miles to the person via the share miles program to another person’s Hawaiian Miles account. There is two way from which you will share or transfer your miles to someone else, and that is by free mode and by paying mode. Therefore, if you want to transfer, you must go to the airport or talk to them on their Hawaiian Airlines miles phone number customer service person. In addition, if you want, you can also do a live chat to share your miles.

Can I use my Hawaiian Miles to purchase a ticket for someone else? 

Yes, you can use your Hawaiian Miles to purchase a ticket for someone else. However, if you want to purchase a ticket for someone else through miles, you don’t have to send your miles to someone else. Due to if you don’t have enough miles, you are not able to buy a ticket for someone else. So, you must add their name while booking for buying the ticket.

Can I sell my Hawaiian Miles? 

No, you can’t sell your Hawaiian Miles. However, if you are thinking about selling your Hawaiian airlines, don’t do this; it is against the policy of Hawaiian Miles. In addition, the selling, purchasing, and exchanging of mileage which is linked with the Hawaiian Miles, is banned. However, if mileage can gain through purchase, sale, or other ways, Hawaiian Miles will take action Hawaiian airways. Also, the member who assign, sell, or barter the Hawaiian Miles, the Hawaiian Airways, will take strict action against them. In addition, Hawaiian airline’s file action has not limited; the flyer account will be terminated. Also, take the total fare of the reliable payment of gained mileage, transaction fares, damages, litigation, and linked illegal or inappropriate fares.

How do I change my name on Hawaiian Miles? 

However, the Hawaiian airlines don’t allow you to change your name on Hawaiian Miles online. In addition, if you want some silly type mistakes, you must call the customer services person at Hawaiian airlines. So, if you want to change it, then follow the steps:

  • Call the person on their phone number
  • Then, the live person of Hawaiian miles will tell you how will you change your name
  • To fill out the name change form and provide proof to change the name, such as a divorce agreement, marriage certificate, and license.
  • A written request with the signature also mentions the 9-digit Hawaiian Miles number.
  • After receiving the request, the airline will change your name and send you the confirmation mail of the name change on your Hawaiian Miles.

How much is 60 000 Hawaiian Miles worth? 

Moreover, $540 will be worth on the card and 60,000 Hawaiian worth on the TPG evaluation, which can secure Hawaiian miles at 0.9 cents apiece. In addition, you will get a bonus on the 60,000 on the card in the beginning 90 days.

Can you transfer Hawaiian Miles to Hilton? 

Yes, you can transfer Hawaiian Miles to the Hilton. 

Hawaiian Airlines can transfer their miles to the Hilton points and, for instance:

Hawaiian Airlines = 10,000 Hawaiian Miles = 15,000 Hilton Points

Can I transfer Hawaiian Air miles to American Airlines? 

Yes, you can transfer to Hawaiian Air Miles to American airlines. However, Hawaiian members can capable to gain Hawaiian miles on all the American flights in between the Hawai and US mainland. In addition, Hawaiian miles redemption from award travel with American’s global route network.

Do I lose my Hawaiian Miles if I cancel my credit card? 

Yes, you can lose your Hawaiian Miles if you cancel your credit card. However, if you transfer your Hawaiian miles points to another account, you will lose all your points, and you have to pay the penalty for losing the miles you earned while billing. However, if you close your credit card or cancel your credit, you will lose all the Hawaiian Miles because there are some policies from the bank that can vary.

Are Hawaiian Airlines miles refundable? 

Yes, Hawaiian Airlines miles are refundable on such two conditions are:

  • However, if you book a non-refundable ticket through Hawaiian airlines, the Hawaiian airline’s miles can’t be provided you with a refund on the non-refundable ticket.

  • In addition, if you book a refundable ticket through Hawaiian airlines, the Hawaiian airline’s miles can be provided you with a refund on the refundable ticket.

Hence, a refund will get only be on the refundable tickets, not on non-refundable tickets.

Do my Hawaiian miles expire? 

No, Hawaiian miles can’t be expired. In addition, there is no expiration and last use date for the Hawaiian Miles on Hawaiian airlines. However, if you deactivate your account or disclose your account, you don’t use your Hawaiian miles. But, if you open your account and used it properly, you will use your miles whenever you need. So in addition, you can use your Hawaiian miles whenever you are booking on the Hawaiian airlines.

How many miles do you need for a free flight on Hawaiian Airlines? 

Therefore, if you want to travel free of cost with the miles, you must require 7500 or more Hawaiian miles. However, on 7500 Hawaiian miles, you will get a one-way route flight in between the islands of Hawaiian (level 1 of the main cabin). In addition, a flight from Hawaii to North America requires 20,000 to 30,000 Hawaiian miles. However, if you take a flight from West Coast, you must require 20,000 Hawaiian Miles, and on the other hand, if you take a flight from the East Coast, you must require 30,000 Hawaiian Miles. So, the Hawaiian miles can vary on which place you will take your flight.

Thus, here you will get the liable information of the Hawaiian airlines miles. However, from which you will take your flight free of cost, and on some tickets, you must pay for it. In addition, if you face any problem, it requires talking with the person of customer care person at the Hawaiian airlines. Also, you can contact to them by mail, call, social media platform, and live chat, they will solve your issues soon.