How do I contact Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg Airport?

If you are flying with Lufthansa and looking forward to getting baggage or other assistance at Berlin Brandenburg airport, you can contact the airline in many ways. For emergencies, it's best to call Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg Airport number +49 69 86799799 directly and speak to the agent for real-time support. For further assistance, Check out the details below: 

Contact Over the phone:

It is one of the quickest ways to contact Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Follow the steps to begin to connect agent over the phone: 

  • Dial Lufthansa Brandenburg Airport number +49 69 86799799 

  • choose the language you prefer and follow IVR commands 

  • Follow a few instructions to contact the representative. 

  • Once connected, you can share problems and get answers to your query immediately. 

Contact via email: 

Apart from the phone call, you can also communicate with the Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg Airport via email. To share email:

  • Go to the link

  • Choose the topic and write your message.

  • Provide the details required, and you can submit the email form. The Lufthansa team will soon review your email and get back with a response soon. 

Contact via chat : 

You can also chat with the Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg Airport and get your issues solved. 

  • To start with the chat process, get on the support page of Lufthansa using the link

  • You can open the chat box and type live agent. 

  • Answer a few questions that you see on the screen, and the chatbot will soon connect you with Lufthansa live persons. 

Contact via social media : 

You can also share a direct message via various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Here are the various social media links; you can use these to connect to the airline.

Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg Airport / Other contact Details 

Lost and found departments

 If you lost baggage at the airport or the airline, below are the options you can use to contact the airline. Contact the lost and found departments at Terminal 1 on Level U1. However, if you are not at the airport, you can get the team by calling their number and email given below: 

  • Lost and found phone number +49 30 609184157 (opened 8: 00 am - 7:00 pm)

  • Lost and found email id:

Airport Details 

  • Airport address : Melli-Beese-Ring 1, 12529 Schönefeld, Germany 

  • Airport phone number: +49 30 6091 6091 0 (daily 8 am-8 pm)

  • IATA: BER 

Services offered by Lufthansa Berlin Brandenburg airport

  • Information Desk: The airport has a multilingual information desk in the arrivals hall to assist passengers with flight information, directions, and general queries.

  • Lounges: Several lounges at the airport cater to different passengers' needs, including business travelers, frequent flyers, and premium-class passengers. These lounges offer comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary food and drinks.

  • Medical Services: The airport has a medical center that provides essential medical services, including first aid, medical consultations, and emergency care

  • Wi-Fi: The airport provides all passengers free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal.

  • Baggage Storage: The airport offers baggage storage facilities for passengers who wish to store their luggage while waiting for their flights.

  • Currency Exchange: The airport provides currency exchange services for passengers who need to exchange currency before their trip.

How to speak with the Lufthansa Brandenburg airport agent? 

You can speak to Lufthansa Brandenburg airport by calling Lufthansa berlin's contact number, +49 69 86799799, and following the instructions below: 

  • Dial the Lufthansa BER phone number  +49 69 86799799

  • You can select a suitable service language when the call gets connected

  • Now follow the IVR automated voice instructions running over the phone 

  • You can select the option that suits you and press the number 

  • In a few minutes, a representative from the connected departments will join, with whom you can discuss your problems and get the solutions

Which terminal is Lufthansa in Berlin Brandenburg?

Lufthansa operates from Terminal 1 at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Terminal 1 is the main terminal at BER and easily accessible from the airport's main entrance. It has many facilities and amenities for passengers, including shops, restaurants, and lounges.

If you're arriving at Berlin Brandenburg Airport on a Lufthansa flight, you'll also arrive at Terminal 1. Once you land, you can easily navigate to baggage claim and ground transportation from the terminal. Besides, you can also call the Lufthansa Brandenburg airport phone number if you need any airport assistance.