How to Extend Hertz Car Rental Reservation?

In case you're looking forward to extending the car rental of the Hertz reservation. Then you need to call the official number of Hertz 800-654-3131. Once you have called on this number, you're going to come across the IVR menu of Hertz. Now you only need to select the options relevant to the reservation extension. You need to choose "Make or change a reservation. Then you only need to share the confirmation number of your booking. " Soon, your issue will be answered by the agent dedicated to sorting out your query. You can follow this step if you want to extend the Hertz car rental for one day or more than one day. 

What is Hertz's car rental extension policy?

Before you take the step of Hertz car rental extension. You need to ensure that you have followed the car rental policy below. Hertz policies will help you to extend your booking without any extra charge. So, make sure that you stick to the period given in the guidelines. 

  • Once you have made the car rental booking, you will get twelve hours of the grace period. In that grace period, if you make the changes, you're not going to be charged for your changes. 
  • In case after the twelve hours of the grace period. You want to make the changes to the booking, or you want to change the return location. Then you're going to be charged a $10 fee. 
  • If you have notified Hertz regarding any such change, you'll be charged the late return fee of $12 per day. 

Once you have followed the hertz car rental extension policy. Then you're certainly going to save the extra charges. You only need to ensure that you have made the changes to your reservation by calling the official number provided above. 

Does Hertz have a grace period?

Yes, Hertz has made sure that they provide a twelve-hour grace period. In that grace period, you will get the opportunity to make the changes to your car rental reservation without any extra fees. You need to ensure that you have called on the Hertz extend rental phone number to make any changes in the booking. 

What is Hertz's extended rental phone number?

Hertz's extended rental phone number is 800-654-3131. You can call the official number and then choose "Make or change the reservation." Once you have done that, then in a short period, your request will be fulfilled by professional help. 

How much does it cost to extend Hertz's rental booking?

Extending the car rental booking is entirely free of cost. You only need to ensure that you make the extension to your booking within the grace period of twelve hours. Then you won't be charged any fees regarding your changes. Suppose you have made the changes to the reservation and extended the period. Then you're going to be charged with the Hertz extend rental fee. That is $10. To avoid this fee, the best thing is to make the change within the grace period by calling the official number.