Are pets allowed in Spirit?

Spirit Airlines does allow pets to travel with you; the maximum number of pets that are allowed is two, and only dogs and cats are allowed. There are also some rules and regulations, such as the pets must be able to stand up and should be carried in the pet container; they should remain inside their carrier for the entire flight. Your pet should be at eight weeks old; only then can you carry your pet. Since the airline allows a limited number of pet carriers on board, you should not be late and should save a spot for your pet on the flight at the earliest.

How do I add a pet to my spirit reservation?

Adding the pets to your ticket is not that tough and can be done easily by a call, and you can also request them at the airport. Read all the methods to add the pet to your ticket, which are mentioned below; 

  • for the call, you would have to make a call to '1855 728 3555,' and after following some IVR instructions, you will be connected to the customer service executive; you can request customer service to add the pet to your ticket, and the customer service will help you regarding that.
  • You can also visit the airport and request customer service to add the pet to your ticket, pay the charges they ask you to, and you will be done with the process.

Does Spirit have a pet fee?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has a pet fee, which is different if adding for the one-way trip or if it is for the round trip, but an amount of charge that will be the Spirit pet policy fee will be associated with the process of adding the pet to your ticket. And you can do it through methods like by calling Spirit Airline customer service or by visiting the airport, you would have to pay the fee. 

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for pets?

Spirit Airlines does charge for the pets; it costs you 125 USD for the one-way trip, and it costs you 100 USD for the round trip, and with paying this amount of charge while adding the pet to your ticket, you will be done with the process.

How strict is spirit with pet carriers?

There are some Spirit Airlines pet policy you must know about that will help you while going through this process of adding the pet to your ticket; the following policies are the combined weight of your pet, its carrier should not be more than 40 pounds, and it should be soft-sided. The Spirit does not allow more than six pet carriers in a flight.

Conclusion: Hope you got all the answers and information you were looking for related to the question, 'How do I add a pet to spirit?' and also about the pet policies that you must know, and now you will not face any problems while going through the process of adding the pet to your ticket.