How Do I cancel an Avianca flight?

An Avianca Airlines flight can be canceled by contacting the original vendor from where the flight ticket was bought. If one purchased the ticket from a third party like a travel agent, one has to reach the same agent to get the flight canceled. However, those who ask "How to cancel flight Avianca?" and have booked the flight straight from Avianca Airlines or any of its direct associates can use the Avianca website to cancel the flight.

Via Website:

  • Reach the Avianca Airlines official homepage using any web browser and click on "My trips."

  • Using the reservation details of the flight, search for the booking, and the browser will bring it up on the screen.

  • Next, click on "Modify" on the flight itinerary web page and select "Cancel flight."

  • Pay the charges if the browser prompts, and raise the refund claim if eligible through the same portal.

  • A cancelation email will signify the cancelation process was successful.

What is the Avianca flight cancellation policy?

  • Regardless of the ticket type and class, any flight ticket can be canceled within 24 hours of the booking for free and can get a complete refund, provided the booking was paid for at least one week earlier.

  • The basic fare ticket cannot be canceled after the above-cited period, and no refund is processed for them.

  • For refundable tickets, a flight cancelation charge will have to be paid for cancelation after 24 hours from booking. However, the commuters can raise a refund claim on these tickets.

  • No refund can be expected on any part of a nonrefundable ticket, and a cancelation charge will still have to be paid for a cancelation after 24 hours from booking.

  • Cancellations within 24 hours from the scheduled departure will levy the highest cancellation fee.

  • Flight cancelations are not allowed within two hours from the flight departure.

  • Unused and partially used refundable tickets can raise refund claims on the whole and unused parts of tickets, respectively. The final refund amount will depend upon the flight date, route, class, and destination.

How much is the cancelation fee in Avianca? 

Avianca Airlines stringently charges a cancellation fee on flight cancellations after 24 hours from booking the ticket. Though the Avianca cancellation fee amount can vary according to the flight details like the route, destination, and the class type of the reservation, an estimate can be made by considering that the fee amount can be anywhere between $ 150 to $ 550. 

Domestic flights and one-way trips are usually charged a lesser fee. However, the international and other long-haul flights, plus a higher class reservation or a round trip, can result in a significantly higher cancellation fee. One can get on the Avianca website to check the exact cost to be paid for canceling a flight. Also, Avianca's cancellation policy COVID states that flights canceled due to covid restrictions will not levy any cancellation charges.

Does Avianca have a 24-hour cancellation policy? 

  • Avianca Airlines does have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

  • The policy clearly states that any reservation, regardless of whether the ticket is refundable or not or the fare type, can cancel without paying any charges within 24 hours of booking this reservation.

  • However, the booking would have to be made at least one week before the scheduled flight departure to have this 24-hour cushion period.

All cancellations made in this period can also raise a request for a complete refund as stated in the Avianca cancellation policy 24 hours. This is also applicable to nonrefundable and basic fare tickets, which generally can't get a refund at other times.

What if Avianca cancels my flight? 

If Avianca cancels a flight, the airline will provide either a complete refund on the flight ticket or get the commuter a rebooking at the earliest. Even though Avianca tries to get the commuter to fly to their destination at the earliest, one can ask for a flight rebooking later or opt for a refund. Refundable tickets can expect a cash refund. However, the nonrefundable tickets can get a travel voucher whose monetary worth equals the full price of the ticket that can be used within a year to purchase any new reservation or other Avianca services. One can also get travel credits as refunds which is the electronic equivalent of the cash currency.

How long ago can I cancel my Avianca flight? 

One can cancel their Avianca Airlines flight up to two hours from the scheduled departure. Though one can, the flight cancelations within 24 hours from the departure incur a hefty cancelation fee, and the refund amount can virtually be reduced to none.