How Do I Reschedule My Allegiant Flight?

Everything is convenient when you decide to travel with Allegiant flight. You can reschedule your flight, and that too in an effortless manner.  All you have to do is to follow the process as mentioned below; 

  • In the initial step visit the official website of Allegiant flight.

  • Press on the option named “Manage my Booking” tab to check all your bookings with Allegiant Air. 

  • Once the “Manage My Booking” tab is opened, you must fill in the required details like your last name and your booking or reference id. 

  • Press on the “search” button to find the booking you have to make changes in.

  • Click on your booking once found, and you will find the option “Edit booking” to make changes to your booking. 

  • Click on “Make Changes” and change the date and time of your booking to reschedule your flight.  

  • Press the “Submit” button and make the necessary payments.

  • Once the changes are processed by Allegiant Airlines, then you will receive the confirmation mail from the airline with your modified booking details information.  

Can you change the name on an Allegiant airline ticket? 

If you are looking for the answer to; Can you change the name on the Allegiant plane ticket? Then the answer to your query is. Yes, you can make changes to your name on the plane ticket. The name changes are subjected to documentary evidence, and you have to abide by the Allegiant Air change policy to change your name on the flight booking. 

How do I change my flight on Allegiant Airlines?

There are ways through which you can make changes in your flight. Refer to the process mentioned below for the methods of changing the flight details.  

Through the official webpage.

To change your Allegiant flight online, You have to visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines( and then click on “Manage my booking.” Fill out all the required details asked in the tab to find the flight booking details of your flight. Once your booking is found, you will easily spot the “Edit booking” option. Through this option, you can make necessary changes n your flight. Once your flight change request is made and processed. You will receive the confirmation mail from Allegiant Air. 

Via Calling

Passengers can easily change their Allegiant air flight by calling the Airline's reservation dept phone number (702) 505-8888. You simply dial this number of Allegiant Air on your handset. For the primary stage, you will connect with the IVR, and it will ask you to perform the necessary procedure of choosing your language and then selecting your reason to talk to them. Once the number procedure is completed then, you will be connected to the human operator at the desk. You can simply ask them to assist you in changing your flight details and complete your procedure of changing flight details through calling.   

What is Allegiant airline flight change policy? 

The highlights of the flight change policy of Allegiant Air are mentioned below; 

  • As per the Allegiant airline flight change policy, you can make changes in your flight booking within 24 hours of purchasing your flight details at no additional cost. 

  • But, you will be charged if you change your flight booking details in the risk period of Allegiant Air. 

  • If you make minimal changes in your flight, then you will be asked to make the necessary change fees. But, if you are to reschedule your flight, then you will have to make the difference in your fare.  

  • If you have booked your flight booking through a travel agency or a travel agent then you should consult them for changing your flight ticket as the services for Allegiant Air won’t be of much help to you in the flight change case. 

How much does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket in Allegiant? 

The cost of changing the name or the allegiant name change fee is a minimal amount of $ 75. You can make any modifications to your first name or last name. Allegiant Air is a very passenger-friendly airline and whatever services they provide are all top-notch. It is very convenient to change your name with Allegiant Air.

Can Allegiant flights be changed?

Allegiant Flights can be changed as per the Allegiant Air flight change policy. You need to abide by the policy and confirm your rescheduling of the flight. The airlines does provide this option to their passengers to conveniently change or reschedule their flight through the Manage my Booking option. 

 Can I change my Allegiant flight for free?

Yes, you can make changes to your Allegiant flight for free within  24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket. You can make changes in your flight, you can cancel your flight, and all of it for free. However, Allegiant Air also has this policy of making changes to our reservation for once at no additional cost. But, you will have to make the differences in your fare. 

 Does Allegiant charge a fee to change a flight?

Allegiant Air allows you to make changes in your reservation at no additional cost for once. Or, when you make changes in your flight reservation within 24 hours of booking your flight ticket, then you will be charged nothing for your changes.