How do I contact Air New Zealand from Canada?

Air New Zealand can be contacted from Canada by dialing the overseas number 1866 351 9528 of the Air New Zealand customer care, For sales, Canadian Passenger Reservations & Enquiries feel free to dial the 24/7 toll-free customer service number 1866 351 9528. If a passenger is contacting for Airpoints™ Enquiries, then make sure to dial the toll-free number 1866 351 9528. The English-speaking customer care centers can be contacted 24*7 throughout the year, and international charges may apply to reach the customer care agent. You may also contact us through the Air New Zealand official email address

Air New Zealand has well-structured customer service that can be contacted via different communication channels. One can connect to the airline's customer service from overseas destinations like Canada using these options, including dialing the Air New Zealand customer service number Canada. The customer service can be selected according to the nature of one's query or issue and the urgency needed to resolve the said concern.

Via live chat:

One can hop on the regional website of Air New Zealand and look for the live chat icon on the bottom-right of the homepage. Clicking on this icon will open a chat portal through which international customers from Canada can also talk with a live agent at Air New Zealand without using a phone or paying any additional charges.

Via social media and email:

  • Those who have ample time can send an email to the Air New Zealand customer care email address.

  • The social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, hosts the Air New Zealand portals. One can message or mention the portals on a post to get assistance on simple queries.

Can I fly from Canada to NZ? 

Yes, commuters can directly or indirectly fly from Canada to NZ. Various flight options are available to do so, and the overall length of a flight from Canada to NZ can be between 14 and 15 hours for a direct flight.

Is there a direct flight from Vancouver to New Zealand? 

Air New Zealand is the only airline to have direct flights from Vancouver to New Zealand or vice versa, and that too on a regular basis. There are other flying options, but some aren't direct ones, while the rest don't fly to Vancouver but somewhere else. One can call Air New Zealand by dialing the Air New Zealand phone number Canada or using the airline's website.

Book a direct flight from Vancouver to New Zealand:

  • Since a direct flight from Vancouver to New Zealand is only available via Air New Zealand, one will have to get on Air New Zealand's official website.

  • Once on the Air New Zealand website, use the "Book your trip" tab, which contains a host of parameters for one to search for a suitable flight.

  • Select the flight type among one-way or a return trip, enter "Vancouver" as the flight origin in the "From" tab, and choose the flight destination as needed.

  • Enter the flight date, type, and number of passengers.

  • Click on "Search" and choose the most suitable flying option as needed, then type in each passenger detail and the extra services needed.

  • Continue to reach the payments page and complete the payment for the reservation.

  • Once the payment has been processed, an email will be sent to the linked email address to affirm a successful booking, and the email will also have the flight reservation details.

Do I need a visa to visit Canada from New Zealand? 

New Zealand citizens don't require a visa to enter Canada if the stay isn't longer than three months. New Zealand folks can simply apply for an electronic travel authorization, also known as an "eTA," to get permission to enter Canada. One can apply for the eTA from the Canadian government's website by using the passport and a credit or debit card to pay the nominal fee of CAD 7 for the payments to complete.