How do I get a refund from AirAsia?

In case you have canceled a ticket with Air Asia, and you are eligible for a refund of the amount of the canceled ticket, you can claim a refund. You can get your refund from Air Asia in the following way:

Online: you can get a refund from Air Asia if you are eligible according to the refund terms and conditions. You can claim the refund on the ticket money from Air Asia through an easy online procedure. To start the online process for requesting the refund, do the following:

  • Initially, you need to go to the official website of Air Asia
  • Go to manage my booking
  • Select the refund request form from the menu icon
  • Fill out the form with your mail id, contact number
  • Enter the canceled ticket details
  • Submit the form 

After receiving the refund request form, customer service will revert to you regarding the AirAsia refund status and other information on the claimed refund. Usually, Airasia sends the refund in the same form as the payment.

 How do I contact AirAsia for a refund?

For all your queries and doubts about the refund, you will have to reach AirAsia customer service. The following are the ways to contact AirAsia:

Through phone: the fastest way to connect with customer service is through a phone call. You can either listen to the IVR instructions and choose the refund key and go further, or you can speak to an AirAsia customer service person for assistance and information on the refund. Try the steps below to call:

  • Call at AirAsia refund contact number 080-46666-2222
  • Press1- to choose the preferred language
  • Press 2- to learn about booking, rescheduled
  • Press 3- to learn about cancellation, refund
  • Press 4- to know about special assistance services
  • Press #- to speak to a person.

You can take advantage of this as an AirAsia refund contact number and gather information about your refund status.

Refund request form: you can fill out a refund request form available on the official website of AirAsia. Enter all the necessary details on the form and submit it for customer service to go through and send their confirmation on your claimed refund.

Through email: you can email AirAsia customer service, enlisting all the queries regarding your refund. Upon receiving your email, customer service will get back to you with complete information about the refund issue.

Live chat: you can use the live chat mode to gather information about the refund you claimed. You can discuss your refund status with an AirAsia customer service representative. You can know the time frame and the mode for claiming the refund through live chat, or any other guidance can be received from Live chat.

What is the refund policy of Air Asia?

You will be eligible for a refund if you comply with the terms and conditions of AirAsia refund policy which is as follows:

  • If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, you will get a total refund.
  • If you cancel the tickets after 24 hours of booking, you will get the refund after the deduction of cancellation charges
  • If you have a fully refundable ticket, you will get a full refund on cancellation
  • If you cancel your tickets for the airline’s fault, you are eligible for a total refund of the ticket amount
  • Refunds will be given only for the unused or canceled segment on multiple booked tickets.
  • All refunds would be strictly according to the terms and conditions of AirAsia.

 Does AirAsia refund money?

Yes, AirAsia does refund money on the canceled tickets according to the refund policies of the Airline. To claim and receive a refund, you must fulfill the refund eligibility requirements of the AirAsia refund policy.

How long does AirAsia take to refund?

After you have claimed your refund and sent all the necessary details to customer service, you will get a confirmation mail within 48 hours, and the refund amount may reflect in your bank account within:

  • 7- 10 days if the payment was made through cash/ credit
  • 10-15 days if the payment was made through cash/cheque.

How do I claim my Air Asia refund?

You can claim the refund from AirAsia in the following way:

Online: you can use the online process and fill out the refund request form available on the official website of AirAsia to claim the refund.

Call: you can call 080-46666-2222, the customer service of AirAsia, for information on all refund queries.

Email: you can also send an email to the customer service of AirAsia about the refund.