How Do I Get a Refund From Fiji Airways?

To get a refund from Fiji Airways, travelers should contact Fiji airways representatives by dialing the toll-free number 00 679 672 0777 or sending an email to You may also request for a refund online via the Fiji Airways refund request form. 

If you had to cancel your plan because of a last-minute emergency and you had booked your flight with Fiji Airways. Are you also on the ride to find out how to get a refund from Fiji Airways? Then you landed on the correct page. Read the steps written below to understand the Fiji Airways refund request process.

Steps to get a refund from Fiji Airways

  • To get a refund from Fiji Airways, you need to request it by sending them a mail.
  • Compose a mail mentioning “Refund Request” in the subject. And fill the body with all the necessary details to request a refund.
  • Send the mail to this mail address, According to Fiji time, you can request Mon-Fri, between 8 AM to 5 PM, excluding the public holiday. 
  • Make sure that you cancel the reservations before requesting a refund. 
  • Wait for the Customer Care Services at Fiji Airways to process your refund request and respond to you. 
  • Fiji Airways can only help you with refund and cancellation if you booked tickets through them. If any third party is involved in the process, you should contact them for a refund.

So, the way mentioned above is how you request the refund from Fiji Airways. Continue reading further to learn about the refund policy at Fiji Airways. You can also fill out the Fiji Airways refund request form presented on the refund window of the official webpage of Fiji Airways. You can fill out that form to request a refund. As soon as they see your request form, they will process your refund request.

What is Fiji Airways’Airways’ refund policy?

  • Fiji Airways provides you with the option of canceling your reservation and gaining a complete refund according to the type of flight you book.
  • If you have booked a refundable ticket, you get the complete refund, or if you used a portion of the ticket, you would get the difference of the fare then.
  • According to the Airline’sAirline’s policy, you have booked a non-refundable ticket; you are not subjected to the refund.
  • If you cancel your flight within 24- hours of booking, you are eligible for a complete refund and get 100 percent payback. 

Are Fiji Airways tickets refundable? 

Yes, Fiji Airways tickets are refundable. You can apply for the refund after 24- hours of booking your flight; then, you receive the complete refund for your ticket. You can get benefit from taking a refund till the validity of your ticket doesn’t expire. You can apply for a refund and ask for it through the Fiji Airways refund request form.   

Does Fiji Airways give refunds?

Yes, Fiji Airways gives you a refund. It takes a few days to process your request and apply for your refund after submitting the refund request form or writing them the refund request through mail. Fiji Airways provides the best services to its customers. You can rest assured as they have a good record of customer satisfaction. They refund the ticket provided your booking is refundable and meets all of their refund policy criteria. 

How do I get my refund from Fiji Airways?

You can apply for the refund by filing the “Fiji Airways refund request form” or by writing to them a mail at the address asking them to refund your ticket. As soon as they get your refund request, they will provide you with the needed assistance for your refund. 

How long does it take for Fiji Airways to refund?

  • For all the booking payments done through credit card, it will take approximately seven working days for the amount to show. 
  • If you made the booking through cash/cheque or any other form of payment, then your refund will take effect within 20 working days. 

Hopefully, if you made it here, you got all the answers to your query. You have the option of contacting Fiji Airways if any concerns need to be resolved.