How do I request Lufthansa assistance?

Lufthansa services are well known around the world. The airline not only provides the best in class flight services but also the very best special assistance services. You may request for special aids such as a wheelchair, oxygen cylinders, etc. while traveling. You can book the required Lufthansa special assistance request through different channels like mobile apps, travel agents, and customer care. To book using the website, use these steps. 

  • Reach the Lufthansa homepage and click the menu button. 

  • Select the special requirements link. 

  • The first two options will help you in booking the service. As per your requirement, select the option. 

  • The new page will have multiple forms for different types of services available. Pick the one you need and then fill-up the form. 

After you submit the form, the support agents will allocate the service to you and connect with you to inform you about the same. 

How do I request special assistance on Lufthansa? 

Special assistance covers a wide branch of services offered by Lufthansa. You can expect to get assistance in two categories. One is Lufthansa assistance for elderly passengers, and the other involves help related to disabilities. You will come across the following services:

  • An Older Travel (all the services elderlies will need to travel comfortably and safely).

  • Mobility Impairment 

  • Other Impairments (such as blind, deaf, or intellectually challenged).

  • Assistance Dog

  • Oxygen Requirements 

To request any service related to the above-mentioned, you need to open the special services link and fill in the related request form. 

What is mobility assistance in Lufthansa? 

Mobility services are related to providing help for movement. People who have difficulty moving, be it a short distance or long, can apply for assistance. The airline provides a wheelchair to the passengers under this service, and passengers can request an agent to maneuver the wheelchair or decide to use it independently. If the passenger does not wish to use an airport wheelchair and prefers to use their own, they can declare so through the form. You will see the following options on the form submission page. 

  • Help for longer distances, for people who don't have issues in moving around in small spaces but need support for longer distances. 

  • Help for passengers who can't climb stairs and need help moving over longer distances. 

  • People who need help from the airport entrance to the flight seat. 

  • Passengers who would use their own battery-powered wheelchair but would need assistance with other activities. 

You might be worried about the Lufthansa wheelchair assistance cost, but you can put it aside. The airline understands the importance of this service and acknowledges that it should be complementary to the ticket. Therefore, it will cost you $0 to book a wheelchair service. 

What is airport special assistance? 

To explain in simple terms, special assistants cover the services that the airport staff provides to passengers with disabilities. These disabilities can include issues with mobility, impaired hearing, blindness, the need for an oxygen cylinder, support dogs, etc. You can apply for these services before reaching the airport through airline channels or by connecting with the airline. You cause the following options:

  • Connect with the airport support team through the website or through the contact number.

  • Connect with the airline customer care you are bound to fly with. You can do this through the website or the official app. 

  • If you booked your flight via a travel agent, ask the respective agent to book a service for you. 

  • You may also apply for the service at the ticketing counter or at the time of booking the flight. 

How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport? 

In order to get a wheelchair at this airline, you can take advantage of the following options. 

  • The Phone Number: You will come across the Lufthansa special assistance phone number from the help section of the menu. Pick the 'Health and Accessibility' title from the list and note down the corresponding number.

  • Official Website: Special service section will provide you with different forms to submit the request for the service. You can also use the email service available in the help section. 

  • Mobile App: The application works in a similar way as the website. Open the menu section and look out for the special services. Select the service you want and submit the request. 

  • Booking Agent: You can ask the travel agent who booked your flight to further confirm wheelchair service at the airport for you. 

If you call the airport for the service, make sure you call at least 48 hours before the departure. This will allow the airport authority to arrange for the services on time. 

Who can get special assistance at the airport? 

Special assistance is available for everyone who might need it. You don't need to have a chronic condition to avail the services. The services are available to elderly people, persons with disabilities, people having a specific medical condition such as allergies or other problems, people suffering from injuries, etc. 

Even if you have an acute problem, you have the right to ask for and get the services.

How to book a flight with wheelchair assistance? 

You can apply for the Lufthansa special assistance request at the time of booking your ticket as well. Follow The following method to understand how. 

  • Visit the official website and search for the flight you wish to fly with. 

  • At the time of confirming the ticket and seat selection, you will see the option to add any additional services. 

  • Select the special service section and choose the wheelchair option. Add it to the services on your ticket.

  • Afterward, you can check out and complete the booking. 

You can do the exact same thing at the time of booking the ticket through the Lufthansa mobile app. You can also apply for this service sometime after the reservation is completed. 

If you still feel unsure or cannot follow the procedure, you should connect with a support executive. The airline's help executives are available 24*7 and are vigorously trained to deliver the very best services to the people connecting with them. You can connect over the phone, email, live chat, social media, or through the chatbot.