How Do I Select My Seat on JetStar?

JetStar is known for its low-cost flight tickets. The airline provides various seats according to the plan you choose. It has a wide range of seats, from basic standard seats to business class seats, with extra comfort and wide space for legroom. The airline provides both during-booking and after-booking seat selection options.

1. During the booking - You can easily select a seat according to your preference. You must see the seat map before confirming the booking. The airline provides seats according to the fare and bundles you bought. Follow the steps to select a seat during the booking time.

  • Open the website of JetStar and press the 'flight' tab.

  • Enter your travel journey details and click on search flights.

  • A list will open with the flight details available on that date. Select the best suitable flight and press on the book on a flight.

  • A seat map will open, and select your preferred seat from the map.

  • Please make the payment and click on confirm my bookings.

2. After booking the flight - If you want to change the seat booking, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official webpage of the airline from any of your devices.

  • On the site's homepage, click on the 'manage booking.'

  • Log in by filling in all the needed details, such as booking reference, email address, or the passenger's last name.

  • A new webpage will appear with all the details of your reservation.

  • Select the reservation in which you want to change the seat.

  • List all the details of unoccupied seats, select the seat which suits you best, and press the submit tab.

  • Make the payment if applicable and hit the confirm button.

  • After completing all the processes, the airline will send a seat change confirmation message to your email id.

3. Get seat selection through phone number - You can select your favorite seats with JetStar Airways by calling customer service. Go after the steps mentioned below to make the process smooth.

  • Dial the verified number of JetStar Airways 1 (866) 397-8170

  • Choose your preferred language by pressing the digit from your device.

  • An IVR will ask you to choose the digit according to your concern.

  • Listen to the IVR command conscientiously and follow the IVR's instructions.

  • Select the flight-related issue and hold the phone line for some time until you get connected with the airline's customer service.

  • Once you get connected with customer service, tell your concern.

  • Share the trip and booking details and request the customer service to provide the seat that suits you best.

  • The customer service will provide you the information about all unoccupied seats; you have to select the seat according to your preference.

  • Make the payment if applicable, and JetStar Airways will send a confirmation message to your device after completing all the processes. 

What is the JetStar seat selection policy?

Before going for the JestStar seat selection process, you must grasp some knowledge about the seat selection policy of JetStar Airways.

  • Passengers traveling with Economy Starter Plus, Economy Max, and Business Class tickets can select any standard seats for free of cost.

  • Passengers can select a standard seat for free in the Starter Plus bundle.

  • In the Starter Max bundle, passengers can select all kinds of seats. Passengers can select the standard seats, upfront seats, and also extra legroom seats. 

  • Buying a flex will help you get a seat selection to standard seats or upfront seats.

  • With a business class bundle, you can change seats of any type, and you can change your flight for free.

What are the best seats on Jetstar?

The best seats on JetStar are the seats near the emergency door. These seats have extra comfort and legroom. The seats are basically in front or the middle of the airplane. There is a movable armrest provided by the airline. 

What is upfront seat Jetstar?

The upfront seats are the first-row seat of the flight. These seats are basically near the exit door. These seats have extra legroom. These seats will provide you well positioned to quickly get on and off the flight, which can be useful during the long flight and make it easy to carry baggage.

What are Jetstar business class seats like?

The business class of JetStar comes with great comfort. The seats have recline, which means you prevent yourself from cramps and helps you to maintain a good body position. Seats in business class are wider, the legroom is quite large, and alcohol is served unlimited. The inflight entertainment is very good and premium in JetStar Airways. 

Does Jetstar seat together? 

Yes, Jetstar tries its best to make your families together and keep children with their parents in flight. Still, the airline doesn't give any surety as seat selection depends on seat availability. Although if you make a group booking, you may get a chance to sit together.

What happens if you don't select seats on Jetstar?

If you don't select seats on JetStar during booking, the airline will randomly assign the seat free of cost. The airline still tries to keep all the family members together. The airline will allocate the unoccupied seats, and you might get stuck with the middle row seat. So it is best advised to select a seat during the time of booking.

Do I need to pay for seating on my Jetstar flight if I want a specific seat?

Yes, you have to pay around $7 for the short-haul seat selection and $13 for the nearer the front row, and the airline will charge around $18 for the seat selection in the exit row. You will have to pay between $8 to $32 for a longer domestic travel service for the seat selection. The airline club members may get some discount on seat selection in JetStar Airways.

Are Jetstar seats smaller?

The seats of JetStar Airways are not smaller. The airline has slightly wider and larger seats than Qantas and Virgin Airways. The seats are around 45.2cm wide with an average seat pitch of 73.7cm. The seats will provide extra comfort to the passengers.

Do Jetstar seats recline? 

The airline has two exit rows, and the first row has no recline but the second row of exit seats has a recline of 38cm to comfort the passengers. Although Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline, it tries to give comfort to its passengers in every possible way. 

How wide are the seats on Jetstar?

The average width of the seat is 45.4 cm, and the average seat pitch is approx 73.7 cm. The seats are wider enough to give comfort and avoid cramps. The airline has all leather seats to provide warmth when you feel freezing and comes in greater sizes than Qantas and Virgin Airways.

Does Jetstar have extra legroom seats? 

Yes, the airline provides extra legroom to the passengers. You can get these extra legroom seats by paying a small amount, around $18. These seats will deliver a more relaxing and comfortable feeling while you are flying high in the sky with Jetstar Airways.

Does Jetstar have seatbelt extenders?

Yes, The airline has a seat belt extender. To get this seat belt extender, you can ask the flight attendant to help you with it since you are not allowed to bring it. The seat belt extender in JetStar is free. You can easily ask for it and use it. 

How much does it cost to choose a seat on JetStar? 

The cost depends upon the seat you select. One has to pay $7 for the short-haul seat selection if you're traveling with basic economy class. The airline will charge around $13 for the front row seat as their seat selection fee. You have to pay $18 as a seat selection fee if you select your seat in the exit row. For the longer distance or long halt, you have to pay between $8 to $32 as the seat selection fee to the JetStar. The passengers who have any club members get huge discounts on seat selection.