Can I get a call back from Qantas?

If you are looking for an answer or can Qantas call you back, then Yes, you can get a callback from Qantas; you have to request the same by connecting to them on the customer support service number +1-802 321 4931. After connecting to Qantas customer support, you have to choose your preferred number, and then you have to wait as they will tell you when they will call you back. After they call you back on the number, you can tell them your issues with them and get your issues resolved. 

Does Qantas have a callback service?

Yes, Qantas has a callback service that you can use. You can connect with Qantas by any means and ask them to call you back on your number, and they will do so after they accept your request for a callback. 

 How long is the wait time for Qantas?

If you want a call back from them, the wait time for Qantas is approximately 39 minutes and 37 seconds, and 50 minutes after midday, you have to call them earlier if you want to wait less as most people won't call earlier during the day. You will not be facing any issues in connecting with them. You will get your problems resolved very easily and fast at that time. 

 Is Qantas call Centre 24 hours? 

Yes, the Qantas call center is 24 hours. You can call them according to your free time, and they will help you resolve the issue you were facing with the airlines; you have to call their number. Go to the website and click on contact us; you will find their number on the website. Please choose according to your country, and then you have to make a call to them after you are connected to the Qantas customer service portal, you have to follow the IVR as 

  • Press 1 for language change

  • Press 2 for a seat change

  • Press 3 for coronavirus guidelines

  • Press 4 to book a seat with the airlines 

  • Press 5 to speak to Qantas customer support for further resolution of your problem.

If you have connected to them when there is a long waiting line on the Qantas customer service number, you can try another alternative to connect with them, which will resolve your problems quickly. 

Alternative to calling for customer support from Qantas airlines

Chat support 

The chat support of Qantas is used as an alternative many times when you are unable to connect to them on call. You can connect to the Qantas chat when you are not getting a response on the call. You can connect with them by following the steps.

  • Go to the website of Qantas

  • Click contact us

  • Click on chat

  • Type the issue

  • Then submit

  • You will get a reply from them once you submit 

Email support 

You can email Qantas airlines; if you are a member of Qantas frequent flyer, then you can connect them at and wait for their response from their customer support team.

Social Media

You can connect to Qantas airways on social media, where you can message them on their accounts, and they will try to get back to you within the said time.