How Do I Cancel a Hertz Reservation?

Good vacation or a business tour is always pre-planned to the best of one's capacity. Almost every need and service can be reserved in advance these days, including car and other vehicle rentals once you get off from the airport to your destination.

However, one may face a need to cancel such reservations on occasions. If you have a Hertz reservation, it's always better to go through the Hertz cancellation policy in advance to be aware.

Procedure to cancel a Hertz reservation online

  • At first, get to the official website of Hertz. 
  • Now go to the "Reservations" tab in the far upper right corner, and click on "View/Modify/Cancel A Reservation."
  • Enter the "Confirmation number" and the "Last Name" as under the booking select "Continue."
  • The website will show you the details of your hertz reservation. Click on the "Cancel" option and complete the payment for cancelation, if any.
  • An email notifying you about the cancelation will be sent to you.

People who are not able to access the Hertz official website can call on the hertz cancellation number 800-654-3131 for US and Canada or 800-654-3001  for international reach out to a support representative from the Hertz helpdesk.

Does Hertz charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, Hertz may charge a cancelation fee depending on the reservations you have made with them. Those who have a prepaid reservation may be subject to variable cancelation fees. 

What is Hertz's cancellation policy?

  • As per Hertz's cancellation policy, One can cancel a reservation online by the website of Hertz or by calling their representatives.
  • A full refund minus the administration charges will be made if you cancel the booking before midnight, 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up.
  • The refund process will begin automatically without raising a refund claim. The refunds will be reflected in the same credit or debit cards used for the reservation.
  • If you couldn't make the cancellation two days before the scheduled pick-up, the hertz cancellation policy within 24 hours levies a higher cancelation fee than normal.

Does Hertz have free cancelation?

Yes, Hertz has a free cancelation when one has a postpaid booking. Postpaid bookings are usually higher than the prepaid ones, as established above.

How do I avoid Hertz cancellation fees?

One can try taking the following measures to avoid the cancelation fees or minimize the charges as much as possible.

  • The foremost way would be to make a postpaid reservation. This will ensure zero cancelation charges for sure. However, if you think that the chances of cancelation are not much, it's advisable to go with tee prepaid bookings as the price for these are much lower than the postpaid ones. So, you can measure your chances of having a cancelation and make the booking accordingly.

  • If you have delayed or revised your plans, it's better to change the dates of Hertz bookings rather than cancel them. This minimizes the charges, and there won't even be any charges in some cases. But this is again dependent on your plans and if it's possible to travel with Hertz later, try changing the dates.

  • In the event of a foreseeable cancelation, try to terminate the reservation at least two days prior to the scheduled pick-up. Furthermore, if some time has passed, do make sure to cancel one day before the decided pick-up, which may ease your wallet's weight.

  •  You can opt for travel insurance too to cover any cancelation fees.

If you were unable to travel with Hertz due to covid restrictions, hertz cancellation policy covid allows free cancellation with a refund balance to be used for a future trip within 24 months.

What happens if I don't cancel my Hertz reservation?

It's not a good idea not to cancel their Hertz reservation and then not show up until you have the postpaid booking. In any case, one should try their best to avoid a No-show as these levy the heaviest charges. Hertz will give you a refund after deduction of all of the charges deemed as losses to them and other administration charges on their behalf. 

You can contact Hertz customer support for further queries or assistance regarding your reservation.