How do I Speak to Iberia?

If you have any query related to Iberia booking and wondering how do I speak to Iberia, then simply dial Iberia customer service phone number 1-800-994-0704 or 1-802 321 4931. It is the quickest and easiest way to contact and speak to an Iberia live agent to solve your concerned queries.

The Iberia customer support details are vividly mentioned on the official Iberia website. All the customer support options like calling a voice agent, the support chat service, and even the opportunities to email or contact Iberia through social media can be accessed by Iberia's website. You can dial the suitable Iberia customer service phone number and connect to an Iberia support representative. To these details, one can utilize the undermentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of Iberia Airlines.
  • Next, click on the "Helpdesk" button towards the right on the top of the page.
  • The browser will load another page that lists all the options of Iberia help. These options range from FAQs to self-help articles, along with the Iberia customer support contact details.
  • Scroll till the end to reach the "Talk to us" section, and click on "See the list" under the "Find our offices" menu.
  • The browser will load the "Iberia around the world" page, and one can search for an Iberia office and its contact number, which is nearest to them.
  • For those who prefer to call the voice support team of Iberia, the contact details of the Iberia customer support, both for Spain and the rest of the world, are given on this page.

How do I communicate with Iberia? 

To communicate with Iberia airlines, call 1-800-994-0704 or 1-802 321 4931 toll-free number anytime from anywhere and get live assistance from the experts. You may also send an email at If you are not comfortable over the call, then using email assistance is the 2nd best method to communicate with the Iberia airlines customer service team.

Iberia Airlines has numerous channels of customer support which makes it easy for its commuters to reach out to Iberia with minimal difficulties. Keeping the age-old method of Voice Customer Support aside, one can use the support chat feature or the social media platforms to contact Iberia. The option of writing an email or filling out a contact form is also open for Iberia customers. So one can dial the Iberia Airlines contact number or send an email to communicate with Iberia. Each support channel has its salient features and benefits, so the decision to use one among these options relies on the nature of your concern and the circumstances. 

Calling the voice support or the chat support service is the best for immediate resolution.

  • For having a one-to-one interaction, contacting a voice support agent is the option to go with as a voice support agent attends to only a single customer at a time. This translates to greater personal attention, higher empathic responses, and efficient resolutions.

  • If you have considerable time to spare, you can email or fill out the assistance forms and let the Iberia customer service contact you instead.

How do I speak to someone/person at Iberia?

When you are required to speak to a person or someone at Iberia, then dial the Iberia customer service number (+1)800 772 4642 or the toll-free number 8023214931. After then follow the IVR instructions, press 1 for booking, press 2 for flight change, press 3 for refund and cancellation, and press 0 to speak to a live representative.

How do I get in touch with Iberia?

The easiest and quickest way to get in touch with Iberia is through phone calls. You simply need to dial the helpline number (+1)800 772 4642 or +1 8023214931, Now you need to wait for a while to get your call connected with the live agent. You may also connect via Messanger, live chat, social media, or email assistance.

How do I call Iberia in Spain?

If you need to call Iberia airlines customer service in Spain for new booking, baggage info, or any other information, then you must need to dial the Iberia Spain hotline number +34 915 23 65 68. It helps you to solve your problem effectively by providing an immediate solution.

How do I call Iberia from UK?

If a passenger is required to call Iberia airlines from the UK for any information related to your booking, place a call at (+44) (020) 36 843 774 and talk with the Iberia UK customer service executive directly and sort your problems.

How do I contact Iberia by email?

A traveler can easily contact an Iberia airline's representative by sending an email to its official email id You simply need to write your matter of concern with all the required information and details about your queries and send it to the given email address.

Those who appreciate the formal way of sending an email can write to Iberia about the issues they are facing or the queries they have and send it to the Iberia contact email address as mentioned on the website. 

Steps to Reach Iberia Customer Service Via Email

  • Get any of your web browsers up and running and head on to the official Iberia homepage.
  • Click on the "Helpdesk" menu at the top of this page to open the Iberia Help center page.
  • Get towards the lower part of the screen till you find the "Talk to us" section. This section will have a "Find our offices" menu on the right and click on the "See the list" link present under it.
  • By doing so, Iberia will present another page through which you can search for the closest Iberia office or help center near you. The address, contact number, and email address will also be mentioned for each office.
  • You can draft an email with all the required information and present your queries and concerns in detail, and send it to the given email address.

Does Iberia have a chat? 

If someone wishes to use the support chat option, look for the Online Services menu on the web page cited above.

  • Click on the "See more services" option.
  • Make a selection on "Iberia Whatsapp" and wait for the browser to load a new page. This new page will display three options.
  • Click on the option towards the right, which has a messaging symbol. You would be able to use your WhatsApp to chat with a support representative at Iberia.

Apart from Whatsapp, the Iberia customer service chat portal can also be used through the Iberia homepage itself. However, the chats are attended by an artificially intelligent chatbot.