How do I talk with someone on Singapore Airlines?

You can talk to someone on the Singapore airline customer service team by the phone call option which you will get a toll-free number, +65 9184 8888/ 8023214931(OTA), that can be dialed from your preferred location and communicate with the live person in your preferred language so that there will be no doubts left while resolving the issue. You can follow the below-discussed phone call procedure that will connect you with the executive who is professional enough to solve the query as soon as possible. 

Suppose you want to avail of the services of Singapore Airlines, such as extra baggage facilities, easy refund policy, easy booking and canceling services, pet policy, lounge facilities, and whatnot. So, you can adopt the ways written below, which will help you to book your flight with Singapore Airlines. Have a look at the ways:

  • Open the official site of Singapore Airlines. 
  • After that, select the Contact Us tab.
  • On the contact page, select the phone call option.
  • Now the page will display you the toll-free number +65 9184 8888; dial it.
  • The dialed digit will connect with the IVR instructions, follow it, and contact the Singapore customer service executive. 

Connect with someone on Singapore Airlines via call:

In case, You want to talk with someone on Singapore Airlines, you can dial the Singapore Airlines customer service number +1 (833) 727-0118 and make sure to listen to IVRs spoken over a call which you have to choose on the basis of your desired services from the airlines; have a look:

  • Press # to select the regional language.

  • Press 1 to book your flight.

  • Press 3 to cancel your reservation.

  • Press 4 for other options.

  • Press 9 to talk to the customer executive of the airline. 

In case you do not get a response from the airlines, then there are other methods you can adopt to reach out to them to inquire about the services that are essential to make one's trip remarkable. Have a look:

Connect Via Email

If you are wondering whether to fly with the airline or you want to request a refund from the airline, you can also reach out via their email. A customer executive will be assigned to you as soon as you request your doubts or queries related to the services of the airlines. Please look at the email address which is mentioned below:


What is the best way to connect with Singapore Airlines?

The best way to connect with Singapore Airlines is through a phone call where the live person will directly provide you with guidance so you can complete your task without any hassle. The Singapore Airlines customer service number +65 9184 8888 is available 24 hours and seven days. The airline number will connect with the executive who is professional enough to resolve your general inquiries such as baggage claim, flight status, etc. You can connect with the respective representative after following the IVR instructions.

How to get through to Singapore Airlines?

Assuming you had a seat reservation with Singapore Airlines and regarding it, you are having a few doubts. In this condition, you do not have to worry as the Singapore Airlines customer service can help you with any of your doubts. Customer service is available at Singapore Airlines 24 hours a dayand the executives are happy to give you any support that can make your journey simple. 

Approaching ways to get through to Singapore Airlines:

One can get to the customer service of Singapore Airlines in many ways, and the best ones are explained here:

Get Through to Singapore Airlines Using Customer Support Number:

You can dial the official number of Singapore Airlines to get through an executive asking for the support you need with your travel. Ring your call on +65-6407-5332 Singapore Airlines customer service number, and follow the automated voice instructions, and you can get through to an executive for support on the same time.

Use the chat support

To get real-time help from an executive online, live chat is the best way. One can approach an executive on the chat adhering to the mentioned process:

  • Begin with signing on the Singapore Airlines website,
  • Open the Help page, select the suitable option on the homepage,
  • Find the chat support tab on the page,
  • As you receive the chat box on the screen, write your doubts,
  • You will get a response from the executive that will resolve your shared doubt. 

Use the email support

One can also attain the Singapore Airlines customer service email to receive the support they need to make their journey simple. If there is a request, need for assistance, and want information about a specific thing, it can be shared with the executive via email with the following procedure:

  • You need to first reach the Singapore Airlines help page,
  • Choose the “Everything else” category at the bottom, 
  • You can write the issue and the requirement in the given box manually,
  • Add the flight information in the appropriate column,
  • Further, fill in the contact columns,
  • And then, pick the “Submit” button to deliver your email to Singapore Airlines. 

How can I get in touch with the Singapore airline customer service?

You can get in touch with Singapore Airlines customer service staff with the help of different contact options that are available online and offline mode. You can go through the options mentioned below. 

You can text your query to the Singapore Airlines customer service assistant through live chat. The assistant will deliver you the best possible solution in the chat panel within a few seconds. The chat assistant is designed virtually so that it can answer your queries without the help of any live person. 

Through phone calls: One of the fastest ways to connect directly to the Singapore personnel, who will provide you with valid information while talking to you. Just dial the helpline number +65 9184 8888/ 8023214931 and connect with the customer service executive. 

Through mail: You can mail your issue to the Singapore airline team. You can attach the important files that will support your issue and make it easy for the airline to resolve the issue, then provide you with the best possible solution at your registered details. The mail option is a convenient way to approach the airline because you can retrieve previous mail from the mailbox for future queries. 

Through social media: social media handlers like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, of Singapore Airlines will provide you with all kinds of updates and exclusive information regarding the airline and its new scheme. You can approach the team anytime and get the appropriate information on your side. 

For Facebook: 

For twitter : 

For Instagram: 

So you have got the solution to your question: How do I talk to someone on Singapore Airlines? Mentioned above. You can either connect through phone or apply the alternative methods discussed above in this article. 

When should I contact the Singapore Airlines call center for help?

As the working hours of Singapore Airlines are 24*7, you need to contact the call center at the earliest in the morning if you wish to avoid the long waiting hours. In the mid-day, the call center is majorly busy, so you would have to wait for a long time in order to receive assistance. Either call early in the morning or at midnight at Singapore Airlines and receive the quickest support from their executive. 

How can I contact Singapore Airlines?

When you want to contact Singapore Airlines, You just need to dial the Singapore Airlines toll-free number +1 (833) 727-0118, and know about senior citizen policy, what onboard services are offered, food and drinks, lounge facilities, compensation, etc. In case you are not comfortable with phone calls,  you can reach out to the customer executive of the airline by the way which is mentioned below, please look at it:

Contact Via Social Media:

Nowadays, passengers look for resolutions and all the airline updates on their social media channels. So they can get aware of the discounts or ongoing offers offered by the airlines on flight reservations. So, below are the different social media channels where you can raise your queries related to the various services of the airlines.

What is the phone number of Singapore Airlines?

Inquiring about the airline's services is always preferred to book a flight directly. So, if you can speak to a live person at Singapore Airlines on Singapore Airlines' contact number +1 (833) 727-0118, a quick resolution will be offered to you, and all your doubts will be cleared. 

Does Singapore Airlines have WhatsApp? 

Yes, You will get Singapore Airlines WhatsApp chat support where you can raise your queries to the customer executive of Singapore Airlines. You will be left with no questions before having a word with the customer executive; you might have many. 

What is the WhatsApp number of Singapore?

The WhatsApp number of Singapore Airlines is +65 654 17788. You can reach out to their WhatsApp number to inquire about the services of the airlines, such as easy booking and canceling process, extra baggage services, pet policy, offers and discounts, cargo services, and whatnot.

Does Singapore Airlines have live chat?

Yes, Singapore Airlines has a live chat option, and if you want to get resolutions to your queries, you are advised to go through the following steps that are mentioned:

  • Visit the official website of the airline. 

  • Secondly, you have to tap on the Help section available on the homepage of the website. 

  • Once you are there, you will find the Meet Kris chatbot to offer you a resolution. 

  • Tap on it and begin a chat where you can raise queries to the Chatbot. 

Can we make a WhatsApp calls to Singapore?

Yes, you can make WhatsApp calls to Singapore to inquire about the services of the airline. A customer executive will be assigned to you to offer you resolutions. 

How do I connect via phone to Singapore Airlines?

You can connect your phone to Singapore Airlines by reaching out to Singapore Airlines toll-free number +65 6407 5332, and you can straight away raise questions about the services, offers, discounts, etc., to the airlines. 

Do I need PCR for Singapore Airlines? 

As per the latest guidelines provided by the airlines, you are required to test Covid. Please follow specific essential points related to it:

  • If you are fully vaccinated but tested positive, you have to follow the COVID protocols to travel with the airlines. Still, if, after 72 hours, you are tested positive again, you have to fly back to your destination. 

  • You are advised to look at the travel guidelines before you begin your journey to your destination because different countries have different Covid guidelines. 

  • For any latest updates, you should reach out to the airlines to get more clarity on this. 

How much is a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore?

If you are looking forward to getting a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore, it may cost you between $50- $100. This price range may vary from time to time, so make sure to get a more brief idea about the price by contacting the airlines about how much you have to incur for a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore.