How to Change Qatar Airways Flight?

If a passenger is eligible for flight change, then they can change their Qatar flight booking by calling Qatar official agents at +974 4423 7999 or accessing the "Manage my booking" section of the booking website online anytime. 

Online Process to Change Your Qatar Flight Booking

Travelers can stick to the below-mentioned steps in order to make the desired changes to their Qatar Airways flight reservations. 

  • Visit the official Qatar website & log in to your account.
  • Select the My Trips option and click on the Manage my booking option. 
  • Now enter a few details such as reservation reference number or PNR along with their last name to get to their reservations with Qatar. 
  • Select the submit option on the page and a new page will open on the screen. 
  • Select the booking that you wish to change and hit the change flight option. 
  • A list of change options will reflect on the screen. Select the desired change that you want. 
  • Proceed to the payments page if applicable. 
  • A change notification will be delivered to your email address given at the time of initial reservation with the airline.

What is Qatar Airways' flight change policy? 

The inclusions of the Qatar flight change policy are as follows: 

  • Passengers can change their flight reservations free of cost until 24 hours from the initial bookings with the airline. 
  • A change cost ranges between USD 67 to 117 depending on the flight departure and the fare category reserved by the passenger. 
  • The new fare is recalculated (inclusive of the inbound and outbound flight of the journey) in the case of voluntary changes made by travelers. 
  • In the case of exchange or re-issue, there will be a change penalty or no-show charge applicable on tickets.
  • The fare rules play an important part as far as the flight changes are concerned. 

How much does it cost to change a flight on Qatar Airways? 

Passengers can change their Qatar Airways reservations online and it will cost them around USD 67 to 125. The change cost fluctuates depending on the fare type and the scheduled flight departure.

The ticket is re-issued by phone and one can make use of the Qatar Airways official application to proceed with the changes. The process is simple and fuss-free, allowing people to make the desired changes to their flights from the comfort of their homes. 

People can also change their flights at the airport or by seeking help from customer service professionals by reaching out to them by calling on the  Qatar airways change flight phone number. There is an additional service fee charged by the airline for these options and it is non-refundable. The cost of the extra service fee is USD 15.

What if Qatar Airways changes my flight? 

  • Travelers will get re-booked on another flight in the same fare category by the airline.
  • The next flight in which the re-booking is done must be within 6 hours from the actual departure of your original flight. 
  • Travelers will get a full refund if there is no flight available for re-booking/re-issuance. 

Is it free to change the Qatar flight? 

Yes, Passengers can change their flight reservations for free only if they are able to make the desired changes within 24 hours from the initial reservation with the airline. This is a clause under the 24hour change and cancellation policy released and followed by the airline and gives the entire change scenario for travelers who wish to proceed with the changes. 

How late can I change my Qatar flight? 

Travelers can change their Qatar flights up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and date of the reserved flight. Passengers have to pay a change fee in the case, they are unable to make the required changes within 24 hours from the initial reservation with the airline. 

Note: the change fee depends on the fare category selected by passengers. 

Is it possible to change the date on Qatar Airways? 

Yes, It is possible to change dates for your Qatar Airways bookings, however, passengers can change the date of their flights depending on their availability and one can check for it online on the official Qatar website. 

Utilize the manage booking option to make the changes to your Qatar flight reservation. These are the online changes permitted by the airline. Travelers can get refunds for the unused amount of their tickets.

Can I change the flight dates on Qatar Airways? 

Of course, People can find a plethora of ways to make changes to the flight date for their Qatar booking. One can proceed with Qatar Airways change flight free online and if they are unable to do so, they can always seek help and assistance from the customer support team working at the airline. 

Connect with the customer support professional and get help from the dedicated department in Qatar to get instant solutions for your Qatar reservation date change.

Travelers can also reach out to the nearest Qatar office to get help with flight date changes if they are unable to process changes online via the website or Qatar application. 

How many times can I change my Qatar flight? 

The Qatar Airways reschedule policy plays a vital role in determining the times one can proceed with the changes to their flight reservation. Also, the fare rules will determine the number of changes allowed for your Qatar ticket. 

Travelers must go through the fare rules attached to the ticket in order to identify the number of times they are allowed to make changes to their reservations with Qatar. Passengers can make unlimited changes, nonetheless, the fare difference applies to each change on each flight category.