How to Use The Iberia Voucher?

Iberia Airlines provides a world-class experience to its passengers. They have provided very efficient service to its passengers. Iberia Airlines also offer vouchers to its passengers. People are not aware about the conditions of the vouchers. There are many people who face questions like how do you get your voucher or can I transfer my voucher to someone else? Most people have questions related to Iberia voucher extension. You can easily know about these details if you have understood the policies related to the Iberian voucher. You can follow the given instructions to learn about the Iberian Voucher policy:

Iberia Airlines Voucher policy 

 If you cancel your ticket you will receive the voucher as a refund. Iberian Airlines has provided a flexible approach towards this voucher.

  • You can use the voucher to book your next flight.
  • The validity of the voucher remains for one year or it can even be extended during the Covid times.
  • You can redeem your voucher multiple times unless its balance finishes. You can redeem their voucher through their website.
  • You will receive your voucher through email. it will have a unique identification code that you have to use to redeem your voucher.
  • You can use one voucher at a time or you can use multiple vouchers as a combined voucher to pay for your next flight.
  • If you have not spent the entire money on your vouchers, you can use the remaining balance for your future booking.
  • You can use the voucher to purchase at
  • You can also use the voucher to pay for any product or service that you want to add to the flight like a preferred seat or to add one piece of luggage.
  • The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. During the refund, you will be asked whether you want the refund in cash or do you want the refund as a voucher. If you select it in the form of a voucher then you will not be able to exchange it for cash in the future.

Iberia Voucher Covid Refund

Iberia has made a very flexible policy considering the Covid period. You can apply for the refund as a voucher if you are corona positive or you cannot reach the airport due to quarantine norms or any other Covid-related issue. Iberia will also extend the validity of your voucher if it has expired during the Covid period or is expiring in the near future.

How do I check my voucher on Iberia?

  • You have to go to the website of Iberia Airlines.
  • Then you have to go to the “Travel” section
  • You will see the option of “Explore.”
  • Under it, you will see the option of “refund voucher”
  • Here you will see the search tab where you have to put your “Unique Identification Code” and also your “Email”
  • Then you have to select the check button.

This way you will find the details like balance, validity, conditions, etc.

Will Iberia extend vouchers?

After Covid, most Airlines are providing an extension to the vouchers. Iberia also extends the voucher with a condition. The condition is that you need to have a forthcoming flight, then you can request an extension of the vouchers. But you cannot extend your voucher if you have no booking or no forthcoming flight.

Can you extend an Iberian voucher?

Yes, Iberia vouchers can be extended with certain terms and conditions. They will normally extend your voucher if you have any forthcoming flights. but if you haven’t booked any flight for long then your voucher will not be extended.

How do I find my Iberia voucher number?

  • You will receive your Iberian voucher through an email after applying for the refund.
  • You will see that a unique identification number has been written on its front side.
  • That unique identification is the voucher number that you can use to book tickets for future bookings or avail of any other services provided by the airlines.

Can Iberia vouchers be transferred to another person?

Yes, You can use your Iberia voucher to book your flight or you can even use it for someone’s flight booking. Iberia provides the option to its passenger to transfer their voucher to someone else but it must be used for flight booking purposes.

Can I transfer my Iberia voucher to someone else?

Yes, the Iberia voucher can be transferred for the purpose of flight booking. You can easily transfer your voucher to someone else if you don’t feel the need for it. You have to remember one thing you cannot exchange your voucher for cash. Most Airlines do not provide the option to transfer their voucher. Even their norms related to vouchers are very stringent. But Iberia has a flexible voucher policy. Most people wondered is voucher Iberia transferable?

Can I use my Iberia voucher on American Airlines?

No, Currently you don’t have this facility available. Even though the two airlines are benchmark partners and work closely with each other yet you cannot use the voucher of Iberia in American Airlines.  In the future you may travel the American Airlines with the voucher of Iberia, the proposal has been made and talks are going on. If they decide to agree on the voucher condition then you may travel with the Iberia voucher soon.

Can I transfer miles from Iberia to American Airlines?

No, you cannot use the voucher of Iberia in American Airlines. Both Airlines issue their vouchers separately and accept only their vouchers for booking flights. The terms and conditions of the Iberia voucher do not allow its passengers to use its voucher on other Airlines. They are considered invalid by other airlines. So if you have an Iberia voucher and you don’t like their services then you don’t have the option to choose other Airlines like American Airlines or British Airways.

Iberia has made a customer-friendly voucher policy. Passengers have the option to take a voucher as a refund. If you have taken the voucher then you must be aware of its terms and conditions. If you have become corona positive, in that case you can use the Iberia Voucher COVID refund. You cannot travel on other Airlines by using the voucher of Iberia. You can easily redeem your voucher through the website of Iberia. The process to redeem is very simple. You can also extend the voucher if it is expiring in the near future.