How Do I Choose a Seat on Lufthansa?

When it comes to choosing a seat on Lufthansa, passengers should contact Lufthansa customer service at 580-645-3880 or select their seat during online check-in or booking.

If you are booking a flight with Lufthansa and are confused about your seat selection, then relax a bit as Lufthansa airlines provide you with the preferred seat selection on booking, where you can choose the seat of your choice. You need to book in the rush booking to make the Lufthansa seat selection, and the airlines don't guarantee to have your desired seat. If you have any issues while booking or while boarding the flight, you can connect to the customer support team of Lufthansa Airlines.

What is Lufthansa's seat selection policy?

Lufthansa airlines' seat reservation policy caters to different types of classes you choose to travel in flight. There are four types to facilitate seat selection on Lufthansa Airlines.

Economy seats-  You are eligible for the preferred seat selection if you book your tickets in advance. Hence, selecting the position of your seat is allowed and is widely accessible for short-distance travel in economy class.

Premium Economy Seats- You have to pay a certain amount as the seat selection fee if you wish to have a seat of your choice. The fee depends on the journey and the time zone of travel, and that's why their seats are mostly preferred for long-haul journeys.

Business-class seat-  business class seats of the Lufthansa are preferred to be the most comfortable seat. The passengers can enjoy the lounge service and spa treatments at the selected airport and the pre-flight snack and priority boarding. The seat selection fee is not charged in the business class except for continental flights. And the reservation can help you save on travel costs.

First-Class Seats- The airline's highest class of seats is First-class seats. These are the most luxurious, equipped with the best amenities and services. The itinerary for the seat selection in first-class is the same as that of business seats.

Does Lufthansa allow free seat selection? 

Yes, The online seat selection with Lufthansa airlines is free, depending on the reservation being done at least 23 hours before the flight departure. The passengers booking their tickets in economy class can avail of Lufthansa free seat selection if you book your tickets in advance depending upon their chosen class fare and booking class. 

Why can't I choose my seat on Lufthansa?

If your booking is in the waiting reservation only, you are not eligible to choose your preferred seat. The passengers can select the seat as per their preference if they book their tickets at least 52 hours before the flight departure. You can choose the seat in Business and first-class ticket anytime without any additional charges as the prices of these class tickets are always expensive, and the passengers traveling in this class get all the extra and luxurious services, including the spa and restaurant service as well as the pre-flight snacks and the priority boarding facilities.

When can I reserve my seat on Lufthansa?

If you wish to book your ticket with Lufthansa and want to have your desired seat, you must make the booking at least 52 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. Only then you'll be eligible for your preferred seat selection. If you book the tickets after passing the particular period, you will not be eligible to get the preferred seat on your flight as you will not be allowed to book the tickets and choose your preferred tickets.

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa's seat selection price is between $14 to$42 dollar each way, If you wish to select your seat in advance more than 23 hours before the departure of your flight.

What is the difference between Economy light and Economy Basic on Lufthansa? 

Other than cost, there is also a primary difference in the Economy light and Economy Basic on Lufthansa. The economy light of the Lufthansa airlines does not include a checked bag allowance as it is available in the economy basic. And like any other international economy fare, Economy Light includes in-flight entertainment, meals, and beverages.

Does Lufthansa seat families together? 

There is no specific rule for the families to sit together, however, if you wish to sit with your family, you need to pay the fee for that as the airlines keep hold on a few tickets until the last check-in. So, you can quickly get the ticket until the last check-in to the flight.

What is more legroom seating on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa provides the extra legroom space in almost every class, and the other facilities will depend on the type of booking and class of the plane. In the economy seat of the Lufthansa, there is a considerable amount of legroom provided, and the same goes with the premium economy seats. The Business and first-class seats also have the other benefits apart from having a comfortable legroom space. 

Do you have to pay to select seats on Lufthansa?

Yes, you have to pay a significant amount if you book your flight tickets within 52 hours of their departure, and the charges will vary depending upon the time of travel and the class in which the seat is booked. However, if you book the tickets in advance, i.e., before 52 hours of the flight departure, there will be no fees for choosing the preferred seat.

Does Lufthansa charge for premium economy seats? 

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines charge for the premium economy seats if you want to book your preferred seat in the premium economy seats on long-haul journeys. Two-free baggage is also allowed to the passengers. The cost will vary from EUR 30 to EUR 50. 

What are the preferred seats on Lufthansa flights? 

The preferred seating zone is situated in front of the Economy Class and directly behind the business or premium Economy class. The preferred seat will save money over upgrading to Delta comfort, but it doesn't include other extras like priority boarding and guaranteed bin space.

Does Lufthansa block middle seats?

After the changed guidelines and 4th May 2020 onwards, Lufthansa Airlines doesn't block the middle seat anymore, but the passengers must wear the mask, follow the measure, and ensure the social distance on the plane.

Does Lufthansa have extra legroom seats? 

Yes, the airlines provide the passengers in economy class with extra legroom seats and are allowed to book the seats having the extra legroom space. You can easily see the location of these on the seat map. Some of these seats are also available in the emergency exit row.

How to get free seat selection on Lufthansa?

To get a free seat selection on Lufthansa, You need to choose your seat online during check-in 23 hours before the scheduled flight departure. It's the most convenient way to check in and get a free seat on Lufthansa.