How do I use a Ryanair refund voucher?

Ryanair refund vouchers can be used to book a flight or pay for any other services when booking a ticket.

  • Priority check-ins, extra baggage fees, and travel insurance can be paid for using a Ryanair travel voucher.
  • Baby, music, sports equipment, and other costs and taxes can also be paid using a Ryanair voucher.

Each Ryanair refund voucher has a unique 18-digit code to be used when you are on the payments page for your booking or any other service. 

How do I redeem my Ryanair voucher? 

To redeem your Ryanair voucher, select the services that you need and once you reach the payments page, follow these steps:

  • Select the "Redeem voucher" option on the payment portal and enter the 18-digit code. 
  • The monetary benefit of the voucher will be deducted from the total payment you have to make. 
  • If the voucher has more worth than the payment you need to make, the leftover amount can be used later using the same 18-digit code.

Can you part use a Ryanair voucher? 

Yes, Sometimes it may happen that the Ryanair voucher has more worth than the current payment you are going to make. Redeeming the voucher in such a case will not be a waste as the Ryanair voucher balance of the voucher can be used later for a new payment. The same 18-digit code would still be associated with the leftover value of the voucher, and you can use this code while buying any other services.

Can you use the Ryanair voucher more than once? 

Ryanair Vouchers can be used more than once in a scenario where the cash worth of the voucher was more than the payment you had made. The same voucher, along with its unique code, will contain the Ryanair refund voucher balance after deducting the previous charge from it.

Are Ryanair vouchers transferable? 

Ryanair vouchers cannot be transferred to another person as the vouchers are linked to the original email address they were initially sent to. Thus, only the person owning this email account is eligible to use the voucher. However, one can use the voucher to book a ticket or any other service for another person instead of transferring the voucher to them. It would be the same as paying for another person's reservation but through a travel voucher instead of cash.

Can I receive a cash refund instead of a voucher from Ryanair? 

Generally, Ryanair vouchers cannot be replaced by a cash refund. However, this can be possible if Ryanair itself offers you a choice to do so, and such occurrences are rare. If one's travel voucher can be redeemed as cash, or if one can get a cash refund instead of a voucher, Ryanair will email the details and the process to do so directly to the customer. 

What happens if my Ryanair voucher expires? 

If your Ryanair Voucher expires, you can contact Ryanair customer service to extend the validity of your voucher for another 12 months from the expiry date.

Can I get a credit voucher from Ryanair? 

If your flight faced a cancelation or a delay by Ryanair, you can request a refund from the airline and ask them for a credit voucher as a refund instead of a cash refund. For people who had nonrefundable tickets and faced a flight cancelation, the refund will be in the shape of a travel voucher.

Can I cancel my Ryanair flight and get a voucher? 

The Ryanair flight cancelations due to the covid pandemic can let you have a travel voucher as a form of refund. However, flights canceled by a flyer due to other reasons may or may not be refunded through a voucher.

How do I check my Ryanair voucher? 

  • The travel vouchers from Ryanair are sent as an email to their customers, and this email also contains other details about the voucher. 
  • The voucher is represented by an 18-digit code which is to be used to redeem the voucher for Ryanair services. 
  • The validity of the voucher can be checked from the date and time of the email containing the voucher that was sent to you. 
  • The expiration date of the voucher would be 12 months from this date, and one can redeem the voucher at any moment in this time.

How do I cash in my Ryanair voucher? 

  • Head over to the official Ryanair homepage and sign in to your Ryanair account.
  • Once signed in, click on the Ryanair wallet option under your profile options and select to withdraw refunds
  • Redeem the voucher code and confirm the withdrawal of the refund credit.
  • The credit will be converted to the original currency the booking was paid for, and the refund will get reflected in the bank account used to pay for the booking in 7-21 days.

What happens with Ryanair Vouchers? 

Ryanair vouchers can be used for a variety of purposes. These vouchers can be used to pay for any Ryanair service like a flight reservation, priority check-ins, travel insurance, baggage fees, other costs, and taxes, or even to buy baby or music equipment. However, car rentals and hotel services cannot be purchased with the help of Ryanair vouchers. 

How long does a Ryanair voucher last? 

A Ryanair voucher is valid for a period of one year from the time it was issued to the customer through an email. After this period, the voucher is said to expire and cannot be used. Still, the Ryanair customer service can be requested to revive the voucher after it passes for a period of another year counted from the original expiration date.

Are Ryanair Vouchers extended? 

Yes, Ryanair vouchers can be extended only once, that too for a period of 12 months starting from its first expiration date. One can do so by contacting Ryanair customer service after the voucher has expired.

Can I receive a cash refund instead of a voucher from Ryanair? 

  • One can get a cash refund instead of a Ryanair voucher only if Ryanair has been given the option to choose so, as stated in Ryanair refund voucher terms and conditions. 
  • Generally, non-refundable tickets are refunded through travel vouchers in case of flight cancelations. At other times Ryanair may send a travel voucher to its customers regardless of the type of tickets they had as refunds are easier and quicker to process in the form of vouchers. 
  • In such rare scenarios, the flyers may have a choice to choose between a cash or voucher refund, and the details would be shared through a Ryanair email sent to the customers.

Can I get a refund for my Ryanair voucher? 

One can get a cash redemption on the total worth of their Ryanair voucher if they desire so. The vouchers can be redeemed as cash through the Ryanair wallet of the flyer. The credit of the voucher will be converted into the cash currency the customer originally paid for.

How to get money back from Ryanair instead of a voucher? 

During the covid pandemic, Ryanair had mass cancelations like every other flight service and had to process a lot of refunds. Thus, it gave the customers a choice between travel vouchers or cash refunds. Such choice is only provided in special scenarios. Therefore, if you have received a travel voucher and want money instead of the voucher, you can redeem the travel voucher as cash from the Ryanair wallet.

How do I extend my Ryanair voucher? 

Ryanair vouchers can be extended only once, that too, only after they have expired. One would have to wait for their vouchers to expire and then contact the Ryanair customer service for a Ryanair voucher extension for a period of 12 months from its first expiration date.

What happens if I don't use my Ryanair voucher? 

The Ryanair vouchers come with an expiration date of one year from the date they were sent to their customers. If left unused, they would become redundant and cannot be used. Thus, it's better to use them or redeem them as cash before their expiration.