Grand Canyon which is located in Arizona is overwhelming and breathtaking at the same time. It has a 2000-year-old geological history; it is 16 kilometers deep and wide and covers the area of 4,926 square kilometers. The canyon is carved by the Colorado River in Arizona. Here are some key points for you to remember while visiting Grand Canyon.

  • Peak Season ‐ spring
  • Spring temperature ‐ 17° ‐ 34°
  • No of tourist visit in a year ‐ 5 million
  • Language ‐ English
  • Major airport ‐ Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Flagstaff Pulliam
  • Currency ‐ American Dollar

Must-see attraction ‐

It is listed in UNESCO world heritage sites. There are many overwhelming landmarks to see like cliffs, multicolored rock, and beautiful ravines. Also, there are plenty of overlooks to admire like Toroweap overlook Mather point. Beautiful landscapes will blow tour mind. You can take a helicopter ride to admire Grand Canyon. Mule ride along South rim trail makes it more exciting.

If you have time

There are several things to explore if time allows. The Yavapai Geological Museum exhibits a marvelous geological history. Nearby Hopi house gives insight to the park's history and you also get the opportunity to shop Native American art. The canyon is also known for its cultural charm and glass-bottom Sky walk.

Free things to do ‐

  • Visit Grand Canyon village, the most popular entryway to parks also it is home to Yavapai village.
  • North trail, the eyes of tourist mainstream is full of isolated and rugged trails.
  • Rim trail is one of the most spectacular trails of Grand Canyon
  • Havasu falls is must visit the place. It is a desert oasis with crystal blue waterfalls
  • You can hike and make the trip more memorable

Transportation ‐

There are three airports serving Grand canyon nearest is Grand Canyon airport which is almost 10 miles away from south park. You can find a free bus shuttle service between Tusayan and Grand Canyon village. On-demand shuttle service can also be booked, they will help you transport door to door. Grand Canyon railway offers services between Williams and Canyon village in the national park. There are taxi services between Grand Canyon and to hotels and business in Tusayan.

Recommended restaurants

There are so many food joints and restaurants to hop on. There is a wide selection of restaurants that offer delicious dining throughout South Rim Grand canyon. Grand Canyon offers ideal places to dine for all age groups whether it is buffet-style dining, pasta bar, cafe. It is truly a memorable place

Money-saving tips

Avoid going in peak season as hotel prices are high during that time. Prefer going in off season, you will find cheap tickets and hotels. Look for accommodation away from the city center where rates are reasonable. Prefer touring yourself rather taking a guide. Takes free shuttles than custom one to avoid charges. Buy tickets online or from counter to avoid commission charges. Plan and travel yourself to avoid travel agents who charge a huge commission